June 27, 2010


fishing at sunset

  • I’ve spent most of the last two days outside…helping my hubby split firewood for next winter; we actually split enough for the entire winter!
  • I also spent a good bit of time swimming in the pool, soaking up the sunshine, and just enjoying time with my family.
  • this afternoon I’ve spent some time editing a few photos and looking back over some that were taken last month when the kids were fishing on Mobile Bay.  I’m going to miss scenes like this once the really goopy oil finally makes its way inland.
  • all the factors involved in the oil spill still break my heart….I feel like I’m only able to absorb a little information at a time, each detail making me feel sick for the future of our area and the people who live here.
  • this weekend is sure to be full of some reading, some lessons for the kids, baby-photo-editing, and hopefully another baby photo shoot!


2010-06 225

  • so pleased that it is the weekend … it has been a long week that seemed to drag on
  • yesterday i bought some new yarn … i had so much fun browsing the wool store, i think i could spend all day there! the kids and Elliott don’t find that as appealing as i do though!
  • i am going to cast on my new project this evening, hoping to watch either this or this … i loved both books, so can’t decide which to watch first
  • but before sitting down and casting on, i really need to catch up on chores around the home, and tackling the huge pile of laundry! and then i plan to clean the car … i can’t actually remember the last time i cleaned the car!
  • the last few days i have been doing yoga … it feels so good to be getting back into it and i don’t know why i took such a long break from it
  • as long as the rain holds off (doesn’t look promising), a walk and trip to the park is planned this afternoon too
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