June 24, 2010


Picnik collage

  • I’ve set out this week to make some permanent changes.  Those changes include lots of exercise and paying more attention to the foods going into my body.  I think this change will do wonders for the “blues” I mentioned on Monday.
  • Today was filled with tons of swimming….tons!  Also lots of time doing outdoor activities like gardening, cutting grass, cleaning my back patio….and I’m tired and a bit sunburned – in a good way!
  • My breakfast this morning was soooo good!  Whole wheat waffles, Greek-style yogurt, blueberries, and almonds.  It’s the best way yet to eat a waffle – much better than syrup!
  • I hope to get back to blogging in the next couple of days, I’m really missing it and missing reading all the blogs on my blogroll, too.
  • This evening will hopefully be low-key with the kids playing around, my husband home and ready to be off work for the next two days, and me reading my book.


168 :: 365

  • last night we had a quiet evening, watching the NZ Maori play England. i have actually been a little surprised at myself lately with all the sports i have been watching … including the soccer world cup … go NZ!
  • i finally finished my cross-stitch yah! i have been working on it in all my spare time the last couple of days so need to catch up on a few other things … hoping this afternoon to sit down and sort through all the photos on the camera
  • i made carrot cake muffins, with cream cheese icing yesterday – all but one is left. so possibly some more baking tonight!
  • we have had beautiful, sunny weather the past few days. but the clouds are starting to roll in and rain is expected this afternoon … and not expected to stop for a few days
  • which means i wont be going for an afternoon walk today, like i hoped. i really want to start doing more walking again … and more yoga too.

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  1. charlane Says:

    you both are getting into a good routine. i need to be inspired but have been lazy. i need to overcome that.

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