June 23, 2010



  • during my couple of weeks away I’ve been busy…in a good way.  lots of family time, doing summery activities, and even had a couple of photo shoots including a 6 week old baby girl!  i’m in the middle of editing those photos right now….can’t wait to finish up and see how they turned out!
  • i’ve really missed my flickr time since i’ve been breaking away from there, too.  i love all my flickr contacts and keeping up with the way they see the world around them.
  • i’ve also, honestly, been a little blue….not sure why, but i’m working on that,  too.
  • the kids have been doing lots of swimming….lots and lots!  one thing is certain, it has definitely been HOT around here lately – the humidity is terrible, really.
  • we’ve been keeping a close eye on the oil spill and seeing our local beaches become more or less deserted other than workers picking up the icky soda-can-size tar balls and goo.  😦
  • i’m hoping and praying that BP can repair the damage soon and that our beautiful gulf can begin the insanely difficult task of healing.
  • on a lighter note, i’m still reading everyday and will finish my current book tonight, so i can move right into the next book.  i’m loving that Sookie Stackhouse!


45 :: 52

  • we have had a good few weeks, except for our winter colds … but we are all feeling much better. Elliott has been home from work for the past two weeks on holiday, so we have had lots of family time … mostly spent indoors, as winter is here in full force!
  • i was hoping to really unplug the past two weeks, but decided to participate in creativity boot camp, so i have been spending a lot of time online … blogging the creative journey and browsing the wonderful and inspiring flickr pool
  • i have been picking up the camera a lot lately and if feels so good to be inspired and motivated again. i am thinking about giving up project 365 though, but have given myself until the end of the month and will think about it again then. i have a few ideas and projects i’d like to try instead
  • not only have i been inspired to pick up the camera, but also play around more with post processing … i have been experimenting with textures and so inspired by the wonderful texture work by my flickr contacts
  • i have been working on my cross stitch each night and am so close to finishing it yah! a little bit of knitting here and there, but no reading. im hoping once i finish the cross stitch, to start this series – after many recommendations from friends!
  • i can’t seem to get enough of these cookies, we have made two batches in the past two weeks … but this afternoon we are going to make carrot cake muffins nom nom!

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  1. charlane Says:

    i know the faintly blue feeling and have been combatting it too – mine is usually wrapped up in a couple things related to father’s day and the whatnot.

    i quit my 365 back a while ago – it wasn’t doing anything to help my feelings of inadequacy regarding photography and feeling uninspired. i have returned to film and am doing some other stuff to hopefully re-light the fire.

    • Kylie Says:

      i loved the film shots you put up on your blog, Charlane! But, yes, thats how i feel about p365. I have been taking a photo a day for almost a 18 months now, and it was great the first year, i tried new things and experimented. But this second year is just uninspiring. i get down on myself on those days where im not happy with the photo and on the days where i have to take a shot at 11pm because i didn’t pick up the camera all day … i really want to focus on other projects which i can’t seem to do while feeling uninspired by p365 …
      Kylie x

    • Sandra Says:

      Char and Kylie, I totally know what you mean about the whole 365 stress….it just takes the fun out of it for me. I usually am snapping photos every day, but there are some times that I just don’t feel like making it a priority. Now, I just snap when I feel like it and let it go. I just want the whole feeling of inspiration to come back to me and last for more than a day. I guess that’s where the “blue” feeling comes in…it keeps me down and from enjoying things I would normally enjoy. I’m just so tired of feeling this way. I’m making myself make changes that I hope will lead me back to “life.” Once the change occurs, I know I’ll find my inspiration again. xo

  2. mary Says:

    glad you’re back! sounds like you both had inspiring breaks and I’m looking forward to following along!

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