May 25, 2010

5/23/10 mindful home

  • our weekend was great!  saturday we decided to ditch the books and play in the pool half the day, followed by a trip to a bay-side cabin that my parents-in-law rented for a few days.
  • we sat around on the pier, i took tons of photos, we watched the sun set, did some fishing, and lots of unwinding.
  • sunday was filled with making flour tortillas for the chicken fajitas that i made for dinner.  Ethan also made a fancy jelly-roll cake all by himself and it turned out wonderfully!
  • we did all the special cooking in preparation for our own ‘LOST‘ finale party!  we were all very excited to see how the series would end and watched every second of the 4 1/2 hour finale!
  • even though i hate the thought of LOST not coming back next january with new episodes, i was happy with how the writers chose to end it.  the ending scene with the beautiful diversity of characters inside the church, reunited in eternity made me a little teary.  okay…a lot teary.  i loved it.  and i’ll miss it very much.
  • today, however, was full of errands and another great take from the library.  Isaac cooked a recipe from my new cookbook for us for dinner….all by himself.  stir-fried summer vegetables with mediterranean flavors – it was delicious!


2010-05 025

  • we had a wonderful weekend. we spent time with family on saturday – it was so good to see everyone
  • my mum looked after the kids for an hour, so Elliott and i could spend some time together. we explored my Grandma’s town – we went to some beautiful lookouts and the botanical gardens
  • i took lots of photos – both of family and around the town. i am excited to sit down this afternoon and sort through them
  • saturday was such a gorgeous day, but since then we have had heavy rain. i can’t really complain – Elliott was rained off work yesterday, so was able to spend the afternoon home with us
  • also, our rain isn’t as bad as other places in the country – some of which have surface flooding – hoping the rain eases up soon…

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