May 22, 2010


  • for the past couple of days i’ve been cleaning out a few things around the house, trying really hard to simplify.
  • lots of homeschool papers have been organized and boxed up and some cabinets are now clutter-free.
  • today started out on another organizing note, to quickly go down hill with another headache…uggh.  after it eased up, i did absolutely nothing more than cook dinner.
  • i was so happy to see that everything i cooked for our dinner tonight (with the exception of chicken) came from either my garden or my mom’s garden.
  • it’s nice to eat a meal in a mindful way, thinking of all the nutrition and energy it has because every bite was just growing in the soil only hours (or less) before.
  • I’m looking forward to a weekend at home since this has been such a busy week.
  • Oh…and the big LOST finale is this sunday night!  i am SO excited and cannot wait to see how this excitingly strange story for the past six seasons is going to end.  i do hope it ends in a good way although i really hate to see it end at all.  i have loved every single minute of this show and will miss it!


128 :: 365

  • we have barely got over the last cold, but the kids and i have the beginnings of another one!
  • so pleased its friday, it has been a long week. also, im really looking forward to the weekend as we will be seeing family – so excited!
  • we have had rain, rain and more rain the past few days. which isn’t too bad, since none of us feel like doing much anyway
  • i’ve been feeling quite disorganized lately, and thinking about how i really need to  make some positive changes and be more present in the moment
  • and then, quite timely, i read this – over on Shutter Sisters. i really need to just slow down and just breathe.

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  1. charlane Says:

    beautiful shots – hope you both have a good weekend

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