May 20, 2010


05 19 10 004

  • so far this week has been busy.  lessons most mornings, also we had my daughters’ kitty spayed yesterday, dentist appointment for me today, then dental appointments for my boys tomorrow morning.
  • i’m just glad my hubby is home for the next two days….i’m looking forward to some down time.
  • i’ve been reading over A Year in a Vegetarian Kitchen and i am absolutely loving it.  it is full of simple ideas, simple foods, and yummy combinations.
  • i’m making (a secret) commitment to myself to eat a healthier diet and get my health under control.  i’ve always gone through phases with most of my healthy choices being eventually sabotaged by my sweet tooth.
  • some things brought to my attention recently have made me realize that the time is now.  right now.  i’m determined to make some positive changes….for myself.
  • tonight’s menu is full of fresh veggies, half of which came right from the garden.  we’re having roasted veggies, turnip greens, wheat berry salad, and sauteed chicken….mmm!


122 :: 365

  • we woke this morning to really heavy fog, but hopefully we will have a nice, sunny afternoon
  • Madelyn loves to pick up the camera and surprised me the other day, by really looking at the screen and concentrating before taking a photo – usually she just clicks, clicks, clicks!
  • she gets really excited seeing the photos go from the camera to the computer!
  • we ran errands the other day, but i completely forgot to drop the disposable camera off! so, hopefully i will remember today, when we do the weekly supermarket shop

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  1. erika Says:

    I make the enchiladas from that cookbook at least once a month! My fav!

    I’m hungry now. Crap.

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