May 18, 2010


05 16 10 007

  • yesterday was a quiet, rainy day.  we did a few lessons in the morning and spent the afternoon watching scary movies on tv.  it’s fun to do that once in a while.
  • just before dark yesterday, the kids ran inside and said, ” grab your camera!!!”  so i did.  when i got outside to see what had their attention, i saw this huge rainbow!  i was really surprised because i haven’t seen a rainbow like that in, well, forever.  i honestly can’t remember seeing one so vivid and huge and fully extending from one side to the other.  the one thing that came to my mind was the word “promise” and how it fits into my life, right at this very moment.
  • today was my errand day, filled with trips to the grocery store, the health food store, and the library.
  • i was able to pick up a couple of cookbooks that i’ve been wanting to read for a while.  i’m needing tips for more healthy kid-lunches and ways to change up dinnertime to make it more interesting.  the kids get tired of  “the same thing” everyday.
  • i also picked up some Oolong tea today….the health benefits sound good to me and it tastes delicious!  i’m having a huge glass right now!


2010-05 322

  • the last few days have been quiet and laid back. we took a couple of walks in the weekend when there was a break in the rain. this morning, so far, has been beautiful and sunny but the forecast predicts rain this afternoon
  • today im hoping to catch up on all the laundry and get it all dry before the rain comes
  • this afternoon we have some errands to run and drop off the disposable camera to get developed. im also hoping to pop into the bookstore and find a new read
  • over the past few weeks i have been writing a list of 100 things i would like to do/try/see –  inspired by this wonderful life list. i have only written down 70-odd. yet, i am amazed at how by just writing them down, things are starting to happen already
  • we have been busy baking lately. in the weekend – lemon tea muffins, yesterday – potato fry muffins and this afternoon we are going to bake a banana cake – yum!

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