May 13, 2010


05 12 10 003

  • today we took a trip down to the beach.   we walked around a while, had a little picnic, and the girls spent some time digging in the sand.
  • i was curious about what has been going on in regards to the oil spill and although we never actually saw any of the oil, the sense of urgency was definitely in the air.
  • the beaches were being patrolled, workers were everywhere, large cleaning trucks were lined up and ready to go, and sadly there were also dead fish and even birds washing up along the beaches.
  • after we finished playing around at the beach, we let the top down in my mom’s convertible and took a joy ride.  the sun was hot, the humidity was high, and it was great!  summer is here!
  • we came back home for some afternoon coffee while the kids swam in the pool.  it has been a laid back, easy going kind of day.  the best kind for sure!
  • i’m now looking forward to the next two days…my hubby is off work and i’m thinking it sounds like a good week for a date night!
  • Kylie:
    2010-05 205

    • after a week of cold and frosty starts, yesterday we woke to a not-so-cold and overcast day. it was cloudy and grey all day and then last night, the rain started
    • i was able to head outside this morning with camera in hand, before the rain started again. i love the beauty that rain drops bring to the backyard
    • our internet account ticked over last night, so we are back to broadband speed – yah! i plan to spend this afternoon finally catching up on uploading photos to flickr and preparing a few blog posts for next week
    • also this afternoon – the weekly grocery shop. i don’t usually get excited about supermarket shopping, but we are out of both flour and sugar and i am itching to do some baking!
    • i still have a few more shots left on the disposable – i love that it makes me stop and think before taking the shot – with the dSLR, i easily take 27 shots in a short amount of time without thinking about it. shooting with film has made me more mindful when shooting with the digital

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    1. kristin Says:

      great macro. love droplets.

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