May 8, 2010



  • today has been a blah sort of day…i’ve been dealing with a never-ending (on the verge of a full-blown migraine) headache – this is day 4.  i’m officially blaming the blooming pollen-monsters that are surrounding my house right now…uggh!
  • i did take time to snap some more shots with my disposable camera yesterday and today.  i should finish my roll in the morning and get it off to be developed.
  • i’m hoping for some good shots out of this roll since i really took my time with it and set up the shots (or so i think, lol!)  i did take plenty of back up shots with my dslr and have already spent time editing them in photoshop.  it’s going to be neat to see the difference in the same shots when i have the developing done.
  • i did spend some time cleaning and packing up seven dozen fresh eggs this evening for my hubby to take to market in the morning.
  • tonight i plan to watch The Lovely Bones and take it easy…hoping to ensure that this headache goes away completely or is at least better by tomorrow.



  • i picked up a disposable camera at the store the other day and am having lots of fun – i haven’t finished the roll yet, so haven’t developed it, but can’t wait until i do! there is so much wonderful inspiration over at the group too
  • i also tried a new technique this morning with the digital camera – reverse lens macro photography. i really enjoyed seeing everything close up and am happy with some of the shots i came away with (maybe time to start saving for a macro lens?)
  • Madelyn and i are going to a birthday party this afternoon -. a kindy friend’s third birthday. Madelyn is most excited about the possibility of balloons at the party!
  • other plans for today include catching up on cleaning and chores. and i’m hoping to go for a walk later today with the disposable camera in hand

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