May 4, 2010

homemade spaghetti

  • Today was such a gray, rainy, icky day…and made even worse by the smell of oil blowing in from the gulf.  Thankfully, the change of wind direction has made it less noticeable now.
  • I’m feeling super-inspired by this new group over at Flickr and will be out tomorrow morning to pick up my disposables!
  • I hope it helps my photography slump – maybe looking through a different lens is just what I need to rediscover “the vision!”
  • I’m also feeling super-inspired by another blog lately.  She does my heart good, I must say.
  • For tonight : homemade spaghetti with garlic bread….mmm!

2010-04 939

  • we were all feeling a little better and it was a beautiful day, so on sunday afternoon we went for a drive and had a look at the geothermal power station
  • we then went out to Aratiatai and took a small walk up to the top lookout, to have a picnic and watch the dam open. i love that we can show the kids two renewable energy sources – both just a short drive from our home.
  • i caught up a little on sorting and editing some more photos in the weekend, but then took a lot while we were out and about – so right back where i started!
  • today’s plans are mostly filled up with chores, laundry and a few errands, but also a trip to the park after kindy – as long as the rain stays away!

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