May 1, 2010


fresh eggs

  • today was a little gray with actual rain expected tonight
  • feeling a little sad about the terrible situation out in the Gulf of Mexico and how it is going to terribly affect life in this area…
  • trying to take this moment in time to remind my kids of the importance of clean water and a clean environment – it really is the foundation of our world
  • on a different note, our hens have been so busy lately – laying tons of fresh eggs!
  • my girls have been playing dress-up nearly constantly the past few days – they’re so cute
  • my boys have been practicing the guitar so much lately and learning so many new things…even some blues guitar…they sound great!  now if   I could just make a point to practice my playing every day…


2010-04 819

  • we had heavy rainfall last night – i love lying in bed listening to the sound of rain
  • my wool that i ordered, arrived yesterday morning – so pleased that it arrived before the weekend since …
  • we have a quiet weekend at home planned, full of resting and healing. Madelyn is feeling a little better but Christian is sick and i have the beginnings of a cold too.
  • i don’t like when the kids are sick, but i don’t mind the extra cuddles that the kids want, when they aren’t well!
  • simple, home-made burgers for dinner tonight – yum! they taste so much better than fast-food burgers (as well as healthier and cheaper!)

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  1. charlane Says:

    yes, the oil in the gulf – just awful. i can’t imagine what all it’s going to cause.

    have a fab weekend ladies.

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