April 29, 2010


  • Today was errand day and I tried really hard to buy two week’s worth of groceries.  I did pretty good, but I think I’ll have to do a small fill-in next week.  I hope my planning works out so that I can get on a two week schedule with all my errands!
  • This afternoon I put away all the groceries, did some desk-clearing and bill paying, listened to my kids play outside through the open windows, took a walk around with my camera, and found some yummy wild blackberries.
  • Tonight was a simple dinner of fresh fish and grits…yum!
  • Now I’m looking forward to browsing some books at Amazon and settling down with the family.


2010-04 617

  • so far we have had a quiet morning – Madelyn isn’t very well and she had quite a restless sleep last night. we have camped out on the couch and have been reading books, singing songs and resting.
  • i’m really hoping Christian doesn’t catch the cold too …
  • i ordered some wool online yesterday, i can’t wait for it to arrive so i can cast on my new project!
  • in the mean time, i knit myself a coffee cup cozy (i think i need some larger coffee mugs, to stop from getting a sip of wool with the coffee!) it was a nice and quick knit and i have cast on another for a friend.


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