April 28, 2010


laundry day

  • today was laundry day…lots of washing and hanging out to dry
  • it was even time to make another batch of my homemade liquid laundry detergent
  • lots of school lessons were completed today, yay!
  • i made a homemade yellow cake with a lemon glaze (oh no!) but oh, soooo good!  it was just a moment of weakness…lol!
  • i’m really not in the mood for much cooking tonight, however with a family of six, i don’t really have a choice.  So, it’s either spaghetti or breakfast-for-supper (that’s allowed, right?)….quick and easy either way!


2010-04 635

  • i spent the weekend sorting, deleting, editing and uploading photos – i have caught up until the end of march and hoping over the next few days to catch up on april too
  • its amazing how quickly time goes and how much can happen in just one month!
  • the rain finally started to fall last night, and we have had heavy rain, on and off all day – lots of indoor play!
  • i made vanilla and coconut muffins last night – oh my! the aroma was so good and they were such a simple, quick and easy recipe to make – definitely a recipe i will be making again!

2 Responses to “”

  1. charlane Says:

    breakfast for dinner is always allowed – actually i was thinking of doing that too

  2. jessica Says:

    Oh dear-yellow cake sounds so tasty right now!

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