April 25, 2010

04 22 10 008

  • Emma had a great birthday…lots of sunshine, swimming, eating, and playing!
  • the party went well – she had so much fun.
  • today the clouds are rolling in and the rain is beginning to fall…
  • all the kids are spending the night at my parents’ house and it is quiet here – only the sound of the rain.  ahhh!
  • I bought a pair of tickets this morning to see John Mayer when he is in concert in September.  I’m excited about that since the seats seem to be really good!


2010-04 608

  • this afternoon we spent some time baking – a banana cake with choc icing (a bit too much icing!) nom nom!
  • we had a fantastic day yesterday – a picnic down at the park. the kids had a lot of fun, as did i – it was so nice to break routine and have a picnic
  • lots of time spent playing outside in the sun today too – very dry here though, we are in desperate need for some rain
  • i started to sort through photos on the computer, hoping to finish sorting through them tomorrow, while Elliott is at golf and the kids are down for their afternoon nap
  • hoping for a relaxing evening tonight – we hired out two dvds to watch – New Moon and Time Travellers Wife

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  1. charlane Says:

    sounds like perfect days to me. and yes, the rain has fallen and fallen here. it’s going to be an inside today.

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