April 23, 2010


lead the way

  • we spent most of today outside in the warm sunshine
  • we’ve been prepping for Emma’s big day tomorrow…she’s so excited about her birthday!
  • i took a few minutes this afternoon to work on some photos and to clear some from my poor, overloaded computer
  • i also made some homemade fish patties for dinner…they were so good and reminded me of my grandma, she used to make them often.  ♥
  • i love how food can take you back to a special place in time.  for me, tonight, it’s remembering how i’d sit on the counter top and help my mom prepare dinner and how i can remember the smells from my grandma’s kitchen…such good memories.


2010-04 525

  • we made fudge filled peanut butter muffins the other night, oh my, yum! they remind me of these, but inside-out.
  • i wasn’t very well yesterday, so Elliott stayed home from work to help look after the kids
  • i camped out on the couch for the afternoon and watched Julie and Julia, i have the urge to add beef bourguignon to our dinner list next week!
  • i am feeling much better today and very excited, as my Aunty and her two kids are coming over to spend the day here!
  • our kitty cat – Spike, has been missing for two days now ~ really hoping she will come back soon 😦

One Response to “”

  1. charlane Says:

    oh, i hope the kitty comes back soon too! good luck.

    the muffins should yummy

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