April 17, 2010


  • we spent the morning doing school work and the afternoon outside re-planting the garden.
  • yes, i have learned a little lesson about why it isn’t always wise to save last season’s seeds…sigh.
  • the bright side is that we’ll have some fresh veggies to pick before long!
  • the days have been filled with sunshine, energy, lots of fresh salads and fruit, playing outside, tons of laughter, painted fingernails and toenails, flip flops, shorts, music, hanging out on the porch, and open windows.
  • life is really good!


2010-04 378

  • last night, we sat down together as a family and watched Matilda. it was so neat to watch a movie that i used to love as a child.
  • we have had a wonderful day ~ this morning we all went up town and bought a few things for winter ~ new pjs for the kids and fluffy slippers for all
  • and of course, a trip to the yarn store ~ Elliott chose some wool, so i can knit him up a beanie for work
  • this afternoon, while the kids napped, i finished M‘s scarf ~ i love the yarn, the colours remind me of candy floss!
  • i subscribed to a few more knitting podcasts too ~ thank you so much Mary!

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  1. charlane Says:

    contented lives – beautiful

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