April 16, 2010

04 14 10 009

    • my hubby spent time today building a hut for the kids out of some branches – it is really big with plenty of room for all four of them to play!
    • i spent most of the day doing lots of cleaning and now feeling the urge to throw some things out that we don’t need – all these feelings accompanied by thoughts of paint and redecorating – funny what spring fever can do!
    • i’ve spent a good bit of time with my camera lately getting caught up on a couple of projects.
    • i just ordered a new book to read – i’ve heard so much about it and i hope it’s a good one!


    2010-04 289

    • today is overcast and grey, but the kids and i are going to bundle up in warm clothes (and the hats i knitted!) and take a walk this afternoon before the rain arrives
    • i had a lovely night last night ~ sitting in front of the fire, knitting a birthday present for M, who turns 3 in may ~ a scarf to match her hat
    • i stumbled across this pod-cast last night. i really enjoy listening to pod-casts while i knit ~ especially knitting pod-casts! wondering if anyone knows of any other good ones to add to my list?
    • thinking about participating in another Week In the Life, next week ~ that is if i can get all caught up this weekend, with the photos waiting to be sorted through!
    • my poor little guy has a few molars cutting through at the moment, so he’s not very happy ~ lots of cuddles for him ~ which i don’t mind =)

    4 Responses to “”

    1. Sandra Says:

      Kylie…that photo is just breathtaking! Gorgeousness!!

    2. charlane Says:

      lovely quiet days – love the fort

    3. mary Says:

      lovely photos and glimpses into your weeks – and of course I have knitting podcasts to recommend! I’ve subscribed to stash and burn, knitmore girls, electric sheep, the manic purl, knitajourney and the anatomy of knitting, cast on – and never not knitting. love them all!

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