April 13, 2010



  • warmer weather means green smoothies for breakfast…mmm!!
  • i’ve been eating much healthier recently and my recent trips to the bath scale have been making me happy!
  • eating healthier = feeling so much better.  i have to wonder why it’s so easy to forget that sometimes…
  • tomorrow marks our “weekend” and hopefully that will mean a trip to the grocery store and if i’m lucky a movie and date night.
  • for the rest of today i’m going to focus on tidying up the house enough so that i can do only the fun things for the next couple of days…mr. french press, here i come!


2010-04 274

  • i took some time yesterday afternoon to try a little freelensing in the backyard. i still don’t really have the hang of it, but am happy with a series of abstract shots that remind me of watercolour paintings
  • i have become addicted to knitting hats! i finished C‘s hat and one for Elliott too – another trip to the yarn store is needed!
  • we are halfway through the school holidays, i am really enjoying having M being home, but she can’t wait to go back to kindy, asking everyday if the ‘holidays are finished yet?’
  • we have been having the most gorgeous, sun-filled days ~ so lots of playing outside
  • we have been having chilly nights though ~ but i love the cold chill of the night air and the smell of everyone’s fires ~ the smell of winter would have to be one of my most favourite smells

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  1. jessica Says:

    You know how I feel about green smoothies!!!

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