April 10, 2010

spring time dinners

  • we’ve had a great couple of days, just a little rain, lots of sunshine, time spent outside playing, and taking the kids out for an ice cream cone.
  • we spent last evening out on my parents’ deck stargazing with them and my brother, telling jokes, and laughing.   i feel so incredibly happy and blessed about living next door to them.
  • we’ve had both breakfast and dinner out on the porch lately….i love this time of year.
  • this evening, i’m grabbing a glass of wine and going for a walk with my hubby before the sun sets…life’s little moments can be so, so good.


2010-04 162

  • our week has been wonderfully relaxing ~ it was so good to have my sister here and hard to say goodbye yesterday, when we dropped her off at the bus stop!
  • before she left, she babysat for us ~we went to a restaurant we hadn’t been to before and it was so lovely to have time together, just Elliott and i
  • i  never did make it to the bookstore, instead going to the wool shop ~ i quickly finished the hat for M and have now cast on a hat for C
  • our new home has a beautiful garden and i am really enjoying going into the backyard with camera in hand
  • hoping to have some time this afternoon, while the kids nap, to sort through the backlog of photos sitting on the camera, and maybe even organize a few blog posts for next week ~ its been a while since i last blogged!

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