April 3, 2010

love these girls

  • spring has finally sprung here…the weather has been absolutely perfect!
  • we did plant our garden and we seem to be expanding it row by row, before long i may be a full time farmer, lol!
  • i’m feeling more like taking my camera with me wherever i go, hoping that it will help pull me out of the all-around slump that i seem to be in lately.
  • in the meantime i’m learning to be even more patient, compassionate, and observant as i know that change is such a major part of life.
  • today i’m making a choice to be mindful, i’m going outside to soak up some sunshine, i’m going to plant some cucumber seed and some  cosmos seed, i’m going to hear my kids laugh and play and enjoy some down time with my hubby.  it’s going to be a good day.



  • whew! what a busy couple of weeks!
  • we took a quick trip down to my mums for the weekend ~ it was great to see everyone and Elliott had fun playing in a golf tournament
  • when we got back, we packed up our home in a week and moved house ~ i love our new home and we have such a pretty view of the lake
  • now that everything is (almost) unpacked, i’m hoping for things to quieten down
  • since we have been so busy, i have been neglecting my camera ~ i’m hoping this will change ~ i have missed looking at the world through the camera

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