March 18, 2010


  • had a good day out with my hubby
  • we went to the library and out to eat
  • the girls’ dental appointment went well yesterday and we followed the dental appointment with a trip out for lunch
  • we also picked up Disney’s Princess and the Frog and we all enjoyed it so much…definitely our new favorite!
  • looking forward to my weekend-girls’-day with my best friend!  Can’t wait!


2010-03 138

  • the trees are quickly changing colour – everywhere i look there is beautiful shades of red, orange and yellow
  • a few leaves are already starting to blanket the ground
  • we had our first frost this morning … brrrr
  • we have spent the past few days searching for a new home and luckily have found one quite close to where we live now
  • when we told M that we would be moving house, she wanted to know how, since “house too heavy! too big to move!” i love the sweet things she says
  • looking forward to seeing and spending time with family this weekend

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  1. so interesting to see the change of seasons.
    Sandra that camellia is amazing

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