March 16, 2010


  • i’m loving my new shoes for spring, Keen’s are becoming my favorite brand
  • i’m so happy our grass is turning green again!
  • the last few days have been just heavenly…full of sunshine and spring temps.
  • listening to Dave Matthews Band nearly nonstop lately…no one else makes music like they do.
  • hoping that tomorrow’s dental appointment for my girls goes well…fingers crossed!


72 :: 365

  • we have had a wonderful day so far
  • we got some news this morning that gives us some things to think about and will bring change
  • a trip to the yarn shop this afternoon ~ I bought some wool for this scarf, can’t wait to cast on, itching to knit again!
  • the air has been a lot cooler the past few days ~ it wont be long now until the first frost, or we light the first fire
  • so excited ~ i love the cool winter months!

2 Responses to “”

  1. Julie Says:

    I’m loving the green I see in both photos!!! Wow, that spiderweb is awesome!

  2. Jessy Says:

    I got some Keen sandals for my birthday last year. The absolute best pair of shoes I’ve ever gotten. I love that they are cute, waterproof, durable, and super practical!

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