March 13, 2010


the's back!

  • the sun has been back out for the past couple of days and it has actually felt like spring….it’s been wonderful!
  • we’ve done our school lessons on the patio since it’s been so nice
  • we had a great time last night at my mom’s and dad’s for dinner then American Idol afterward.
  • right now the girls are playing, the boys are reading, and i’m in the middle of cooking dinner and looking forward to a relaxing evening with a good movie


2010-03 018

  • i have been thinking a lot about ‘i am worthy now!’ as Brene Brown is holding a week of worthiness ~ and many other fantastic women, are also celebrating their worthiness too
  • my daily page today, in this book, seems quite timely ~ the title being Accepting yourself as You are Today. i have been thinking about this all day and reminding myself “i am what i am and what i am is wonderful.”
  • we have had a great day today ~ took a walk to the park this morning, did a little bit of gardening this afternoon and watched some of the cricket
  • right now Elliott is cooking dinner and the kids are playing nicely with the building blocks
  • i am looking forward to a relaxing night, curling up and reading this book

2 Responses to “”

  1. Julie Says:

    Sandra- your day sounds lovely!

    Kylie!! That photo is breathtaking!

  2. charlane Says:

    beautiful days – and i adore the waterlilies

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