March 9, 2010



  • another beautiful day to follow the beautiful weekend we had
  • however the rain should be here tonight…
  • had a great but full weekend
  • did a little shopping today and made a library run alone …it felt great
  • i’ve been really wanting to spend some more time with my camera, but honestly all the end-of-winter-deadness wasn’t giving me  many fulfilling options
  • i was so happy to find some camellias in bloom  and am eagerly waiting to see more color spring to life really soon!


67 :: 365

  • we had a wonderful weekend full of sunshine~ we watched a movie,  ate home-made burgers and relaxed
  • i spent this morning writing long-overdue letters to good friends, posted them and ran a few other errands around town
  • today the weather has turned a bit grey and we are expecting heavy rain the next few days
  • i’m patiently waiting for a couple of books i ordered to arrive
  • so inspired by K.Barteski‘s 5 days-5ways challenge, and have chosen my word ~ books

One Response to “”

  1. Lucia Says:

    How lovely to read that you wrote letters today…in this world of emails and texts, it is absolutely refreshing.

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