March 6, 2010


early morning sunlight...

  • we had another day full of sunshine
  • i let the kids take it easy on their lessons  today because…
  • we met up with some home schooling friends at the park  to soak up the beautiful weather!
  • i was happy to finally pick up another camera card reader this afternoon…why does it seem that i go through those things waaaay too fast?
  • tonight has been low key as well with leftovers for dinner and a good movie on the tv


63 :: 365

  • the past few days have been full of beautiful sunny weather
  • i spent yesterday morning catching up with photos and preparing a few blog posts ~ feels good to be all caught up
  • yesterday afternoon was spent searching for beauty in our yard ~ the gorgeous sunlight made this easy!
  • a quiet day at home today, as the Ironman is on in town, which means lots of traffic and people everywhere
  • tonight will be quiet also, plans involve watching the black caps play and then a bit of rugby watching

2 Responses to “”

  1. jessica Says:

    These sunny days are such a treat, aren’t they?

  2. Julie Says:

    loving the sunny days!

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