March 4, 2010


  • i was so happy to see the sun this morning.  it’s still cold out, but the sun makes everything so much better.
  • our school work went really smoothly today and we were finished a little early.
  • even the household chores went easily and didn’t seem so much like chores.
  • i finished my previous novel yesterday (i loved it!) and will be starting another one tonight.  i’m in the horror-mood lately….they’re just so exciting!
  • today has been a really good day.  i love days like this.


2010-03 088

  • a no-kindy day yesterday, so M and i spent some time outside searching for treasures to put in this vase ~ it holds special things we find, like heart shaped rocks and pretty coloured stones
  • i love spending time with her ~ just us. it was nice to spend time just noticing too
  • i sorted through about half of the photos from last week ~ still more to go, but slowly getting there
  • i’ve noticed that i don’t pick up the camera as much, when i know there is already a folder of shots waiting to be sorted, edited and blogged about
  • i have the beginnings of a cold, hoping the kids don’t get sick too…

4 Responses to “”

  1. charlane Says:

    this has been a hard week – it helps when i see that others are having good weeks. it cheers me up.

    hope you have a good rest of the week too

  2. jessica Says:

    I love ‘really good’ days as well…when the sun is out there can be no wrong (at least that is how I’m feeling these days!)

  3. Julie Says:

    Oh, I love that light. Today was bright and sunny and I was amazed at how energized and great I felt.

    Be well, Kylie! =)

  4. chiotsrun Says:

    I too am always happy to see the sun, we’ve had 2 beautiful sunny warm days here! It’s been a joy to collect the maple sap, no bundling up and having frosty fingers.

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