March 2, 2010

03 01 10 003

  • march?  already!?
  • just thinking a bit about how this new year is already going by so fast.  a new month starting, a new season about to begin.
  • today was errand day.  the girls chose to go with me to the store today since Claire had some birthday money to spend.
  • we came home with her very first Ken doll,  a matching Barbie and a playdoh ice cream factory.
  • i spent some free time this afternoon browsing some of my favorite blogs and love how i come away feeling so inspired.


coffee cup - blog

  • we had a fantastic weekend ~ it was so good to see our families and spend time with them
  • we sat outside in the sun and had a yummy picnic. we then went down to the lake ~ the water was  wonderfully warm
  • a busy day yesterday ~ running around town, doing errands and a few meetings here and there
  • i have a huge folder full of photos from all the exciting things that happened last week …
  • hoping to sort through and edit them today and maybe prepare a few blog posts

4 Responses to “”

  1. charlane Says:

    i’m so happy it’s march, seriously.

    beautiful shots

  2. Karyn Says:

    LOVE the steam… and I Love MARCH!!!! Great shots ladies.

  3. so i LOVE this steaming cup – the grey is fantastic especially with the calendar photo. you two make a great pair.

  4. Julie Says:

    Hard to believe it’s March! I keep telling myself that by the end of the month it will start to feel like spring. I hope. lol! I love the (lack of) color in these shots…it’s what most days have been feeling like- but in a good way. That steam makes me want a hot cup of something!!

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