February 28, 2010


02 27 10 002

  • The kids have been collecting the very first blooms of the coming spring and putting them in little glasses for me
  • I had fun with the kids today playing Cafe.  They love to make their own restaurant and have me come to eat.
  • We’ve been playing lots of Uno cards and Go Fish lately.
  • The boys are really into some new books, I’m really loving my new story, the girls are constantly choreographing new dances for us to watch, and the hubby waits for his nightly date with this show on the History Channel.
  • We’re hanging out patiently with our own quiet activities, but I cannot wait for warmer, drier weather so that we can get outside and into the garden.


blog - 27th feb

  • just a few more rows to go on my chunky knit scarf and hopefully i’ll have some time to add a little bit of a fringe, before the closing ceremony of the winter Olympics
  • lots planned today ~ baking another cake for more birthday celebrations tomorrow
  • baking choc muffins, pizza scuffins and trying a new recipe ~ shortbread buttons
  • a big clean up of our home needs to be done and i really must tackle the growing laundry pile
  • we are all really looking forward to our families coming tomorrow!

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