February 23, 2010


on its way

  • I had a long, busy day out shopping for groceries, new light fixtures, new things to spruce up our bathrooms, along with a few other things.
  • I’m excited to put all my new goodies to use tomorrow!
  • I was pleasantly surprised by the beautiful trees at our library all covered in tiny pink blossoms….spring is really on its way!
  • I was able to pick up a new book at the library today…can’t wait to get started reading it!
  • Tonight I plan on watching a movie with the family and getting a long night’s rest.  I hope!


  • M had a great first day at kindy yesterday, she came home absolutely knackered, but excited that she gets to go back today
  • the mornings have had a real chill to them this past week, but the days are still beautiful and hot ~ this summer heat is making us all a little tired and lethargic
  • i have been knitting outside in the sun, while the kids play in the backyard ~ almost finished my scarf for the winter knitting olympics
  • inspired by so much on the internet (especially flickr), right now ~ i have added quite a few new blogs to my reader this past week, even though i know i find it hard to keep up with the ones i already follow
  • looking for a better system for my bookmarks and starred items ~ i have so much bookmarked, but need to put them in some sort of order

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  1. Julie Says:

    Wow, Sandra… I want to come where you live! Or at least to your library! =D Those flowers are gorgeous. We’re getting snow today. Those leaves are really pretty, too. I can’t wait for things to turn green…

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