February 20, 2010


  • the weather is still so cold and I feel a constant chill right down to my bones – all the time
  • I’m so ready for more sunshine….warm sunshine and I know that I’ll have to be reminded of that in a few months
  • today I had some time to enjoy a cup of coffee with my mom and one later this afternoon with my best friend/cousin
  • I’m listening to a group of 11 year old boys play guitars  and laugh and have a pillow fight….it’s a good sound
  • I’m sure I have a long night ahead of me with these silly kiddos and I’m feeling sure I’ll finally finish my book.


49 :: 365

  • a busy weekend planned in preparation for a big week next week
  • a few last minute things need to be bought for my youngest’s first birthday on Thursday
  • he is growing so quickly ~ earlier this week he took his first few steps
  • my eldest starts afternoon kindergarten on Monday, so a few things like a lunch-box and school bag need to be bought
  • she is becoming so independent ~ dressing herself in the mornings and wanting to do things on her own
  • hopefully tonight will be a quiet one ~ watching rugby and knitting a few more hearts for a small project i am working on

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