February 16, 2010

02 15 10 002

  • We’re having a party!  My baby is five years old today!
  • We had a great morning of shopping for girly things and snacking at Starbucks.
  • We’ve decorated all afternoon for her party tonight.
  • Now we’re getting all dressed up for a fairy birthday party and it’s my job to make sure the dresses twirl, the fingernails are painted with glitter,  and the hair is perfect.  It’s going to be a great night!


bench monday ~ still in my nightie ( + comfy pants ) because i can't put down my knitting long enough to go and have a shower edition.

  • a quiet weekend at home for the kids and i ~ Elliott played a couple of rounds of golf ~ it was a lovely, relaxing weekend
  • we baked lots, played, painted and read
  • we had a pyjama day, watched some of the winter olympics and i did some knitting
  • a busy few weeks ahead ~ lots of change happening
  • the mornings are starting to get cooler and some of the leaves are starting to change colour ~ autumn is on its way

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  1. jessica Says:

    What lovely days!

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