February 11, 2010


  • brrr!  it’s so cold outside…but at least we’re far enough south to be spared the blizzard conditions of our neighbors to the north.
  • i think i’m ready for spring….warm sunshine, refreshing breezes, green grass, open windows
  • today was a day spent mostly indoors cleaning and doing laundry
  • i did go out late this afternoon for a few games of backyard tennis with the family
  • now the evening is being spent around the fireplace, the kids playing, the hubby watching tv, and me hoping to steal a little peace and quiet with my book.


Stacking wood.

  • more splitting and stacking firewood the last couple of days, just one more row and we will be all set for the cooler months
  • today we did a big clean up – got all the chores, laundry and cleaning done
  • this evening i plan on catching up with editing and sorting photos and getting a few blog posts ready for next week
  • so glad its friday tomorrow – this week has been long and i’m looking forward to a relaxing weekend

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  1. charlane Says:

    i love both stacks of wood. i’ve seen fireplaces just filled with the corded wood as a decoration and i think i like that.

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