February 9, 2010


a day at the park

  • we had a great weekend and a fun party at my mom’s and dad’s last night
  • today we had a great day at the park, complete with lunch and a little shopping
  • we made our valentines this afternoon and they’re all ready to be delivered
  • Claire picked out her birthday party goodies today and is SO excited about her big day next Monday
  • the kids finished off this cool evening playing outside and painting each others’ faces with paint…fun!


2009-02 338

  • our weekend was full of stacking firewood, getting ready for the cool, winter months
  • we spent a lot of time outside, soaking up the sun, the kids playing in the paddling pool
  • I finished making lucky stars to fill this glass bottle (those things are addictive to make!)
  • I have been writing, drawing and painting a lot ~ this summer sun makes an ‘internet diet’ rather easy
  • catching up on all my favourite TV series before the new seasons’ start back next week

2 Responses to “”

  1. Shawna Says:

    kylie, i’m feeling like a dope bc i totally forgot you were over here! i love those stars, we made some for xmas. i used to spend my algebra class making them under the desk ;o) i can’t wait to see things you’ve painted, do share!

  2. i love making those little stars too. your bottle full is so pretty.

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