February 6, 2010

02 05 10 029

  • I spent some time today organizing our school books since we’ll be starting back next week!  We’ve really enjoyed taking our break in the winter rather than summer.
  • This has been a really long week…rainy, a six-year-old that refuses to sleep, four “bored” kids who are looking forward to getting back to the books, and a tired, restless mama that dreams of a vacation to a deserted tropical island…
  • This has been a week to keep my word of the year Mindful close in my thoughts.
  • I’m hoping for some restful sleep tonight and some dry weather to allow me to get outside with my camera tomorrow.


35 :: 365

  • extremely hot weather the past few days so we have spent a lot of time down at the lake
  • coming out of my photography slump ~ even shooting some images of the lake on full manual!
  • Elliott took M out on her first boating and fishing experience ~ she hasn’t stopped talking about it since
  • they caught a large trout ~ fresh fish for dinner ~ the perfect summer meal
  • a few of the ideas that have been swimming around in my mind are starting to take shape ~ feels good to be doing something creative

2 Responses to “”

  1. charlane Says:

    i was always ready to go back to school after vacation. and yum, fresh caught fish.

  2. jessica Says:

    I am absolutely loving this mindful project!

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